20 Random Things About Me

1. I'm a new mommy - my son is now a whole 2 1/2 months old!
2. I'm an old wife :) I've been married to my HOT husband for 4 years.
3. I'm an amateur photographer...I'll shoot you anytime (Wa, wa, waaaaaaa)
4. I love it when my son is napping in his swing and when I look over to check on him he is quietly looking at me.
5. Rain is my favorite.
6. I'm sarcastic.
7. I am HIGHLY organized...Thanks Mom.
8. I am creative.
9. I have few friends, but those friends, are my BEST friends.
10.  I LOVE ICE CREAM!  - Wow, I said that kind of loud.
11.  I have CrAzY dreams...that I remember.  I have a tab here dedicated to my crazy dreams.
12. I will mock you if I like you.
13. I make a pretty mean cookie.
14. I'm opinionated.
15. In-N-Out Burger is my FAVORITE fast food.
16. I'm almost 30 and I have a hard time "putting myself together"
17. Clutter makes me VERY anxious...see point #7 for evidence.
18. If I like something, I tend to get slightly obsessive about it.  Some people I know would remove the word slightly...
19. I'm starting to get a few grey hairs and instead of pulling them out, I like to see how long they get.
20. LOST is the BEST SHOW EVER...see point #14.