Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Been A While

Hello Readers! Are you still out there? Yes, I'm here...sitting in the rubble that was once my living room. There's a story there and I'll get to it, but first, some personal thoughts.

I'm scared of what I thought would happen, might happen. Vague enough for you? If you're confused, mosey on over to here to read about the fore-mentioned thought. It's not for lack of things to write about, or share with you, but my time-management has been very poor lately. I've filled my plate to the brim and am having trouble eating all of it. I have sooo, so, sooooooo many projects my head is spinning!!

I'm not going to lie. I kinda like it.

My creative nature has gotten the best of me once again, and now that we've been living in our small apartment for nearly 5 years now, the itch to completely change my style is becoming unbearable. I've slowly been changing things around, but now I feel compelled to thoroughly make the switch. That's why I have so many projects. Here's the list:

1) 7 frames to sand and repaint
2) Paint living room wall
3) Deep clean the newly found antique buffet
4) Organize items for a garage sale
5) Decide on artwork for frame(s)
6) Organize kitchen cabinets
7) Clean and paint flea market lamps
8) Make slipcovers for the GI-NORMOUS speakers
9) Make a runner for the buffet
10) Find homes for all the displaced items
11) Ramp up my photography

I could seriously go on. Some of these projects are bigger than others (obviously) and some take more money than others. I think my biggest stumbling block at this point is my lack of funds to complete these tasks. Which is a bummer. Patience is not my thing. BUT - when I do get these things done, I will share them with you, I promise. Just a little bit longer and hopefully I will have some things to share with you. Don't forget about me! I'm still here, just trying to pull some stuff together.

That brings me to my pile of rubble. I'm in the process of getting things prepared for a garage sale. We had one last week and made some decent money, but didn't sell nearly all of our things. So back in the living room it all sits until this weekend. Hopefully we can get rid of the rest of it and I can have my home back! All these piles and pathways just suck my motivation to do anything else right out of me...I could NEVER be a hoarder! So, let's hope for GREAT weather on Saturday and that folks are ready to spend some money!! All the proceeds will go towards my ever-growing list of things that I want to accomplish - so hopefully some more pretty blogs are on the way. Thanks for bearing with me while things are quiet and I will see you soon.